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Here’s a short video and some details about our referral program. 
"Sermon to Book is absolutely the best publication resource I can recommend. Their handling of my first book and subsequent books of several of our pastors has been impeccable. Caleb Breakey and his team will produce an excellent product that captures your vision in writing."

— Pastor Steve Bozeman, Author of Your Problems Have Purpose
How Referrals Work
1: Send your friend an invitation to your personal Sermon To Book page, which we create for you. 
2: Your friend signs up for a call and becomes a client of Sermon To Book.
3: We send you 10 percent of the final amount of the contract (Usually $300-$600).
What People are Saying

Dr. Oscar Moses

Author of Before You Send Them Out

"Caleb Breakey is unashamedly Christian and operates with a spirit of excellence, integrity and impeccable character. He made the process of publishing easy and rewarding."

Jack Hilligoss

Author of Untouchables and Say What!?

"Many pastors have dreams and even a sense of 'calling' to expand the influence of their preaching and teaching through writing. No one makes that dream more attainable than Caleb Breakey at Sermon to Book."    

Rick Tidwell

Author of The Main Thing

“We had over 1,000 downloads in one week, of ‘The Main Thing’ on Amazon's free promotion. That is 1,000 people connecting to our message that we could never have reached without turning my sermons into a book. This was only possible because of the great work of Caleb and his team at Sermon to Book.”

Jody Moore

Author of God's Will > Your Plan

"Words are ineffable. I am blown away by your work. I am literally speechless and so thankful for your gift of stringing words together so eloquently. I sensed this was a 'God thing' from the start, and our interactions have been a witness to that fact."
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