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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Have Your Book Ghostwritten
Caleb Breakey / Lead Book Director
Here's a little secret about publishing: 

Those who really should write a book are usually too busy changing lives to write one.

Does that describe you?

If you’re wondering whether you should write (or ghostwrite) a book, ask yourself these questions first:
1. Will your book help someone?
If you are having a great conversation with someone in a coffee shop, is that person leaning forward as you speak? Are their eyes big? Does it seem like you’ve opened a new world to them and they are encouraged with the possibilities and excited about it? 

These are all indicators that your ideas, story, or knowledge is really touching someone.

They’re a good sign that yes, those ideas or stories need to go into a book.

If there’s a way you can help others solve their biggest problems, you don’t just want to write a book, you need to write one.
Your ultimate motivation in writing your book might be to help others avoid the mistakes you’ve made, help them launch their business into a success, or find confidence in themselves. 

But whatever it may be, it has to be backed by your particular strength as a human being. I call this your superpower. 

In short, what is the deeply rooted passion that answers the why of your book? How is it linked to your knowledge/wisdom/stories? Herein tends to lie your superpower, your strength. 

Start there, and you’ll be off to a great start.
3. THINK Bigger with the book funnel method
Writing a book just to sell it and nothing else is small thinking. You are 100 percent better off pursuing the Book Funnel Method.
See, a book is kind of like a handshake and business card exchange at a networking event. It buys you possibilities.

And a book funnel ensures you capitalize on those possibilities.

You want a low barrier for new readers to start a relationship with you. A Book Funnel accomplishes that because, once your readers dive into the pages of your book, they end up wanting more from you than just your $12.99 paperback. 

They want your next book. Your video course. Your personal coaching. Your weekend seminar. And your keynote at that upcoming conference. 

Think of it like this: 

Book > Future Books > Video Courses > Membership Sites > Webinars > One-On-One Coaching > Group Coaching > Weekend Seminars > Speaking Engagements

THAT'S how you build a Book Funnel that creates an experience for your readers and a profitable venture for you!
The old way to ghostwrite your book involved hiring a ghostwriter, a person. But that left you to figure out the editing, proofreading, formatting, cover design, back cover copy writing, book launching, marketing, and so much more.

But now there is a much better way, a process that includes everything under one roof.

Speak It To Book's (www.speakittobook.com) area of expertise is helping entrepreneurs like you create high-caliber books that are completely yours, written in your voice, that take you to that elusive next level in life in less than 24 hours of your time.

What's the process? 

Well, if you can give us 15-20 hours of your time for phone interviews (spread out over several weeks), then we have everything we’ll need to get you to the first draft of your book.

At that point, you read your book from cover to cover and we process your edits until you’re 100 percent satisfied. Then it’s on to cover design and publication as both an ebook and paperback on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks. It’s really that easy. 

Take a look at some of the books we're gearing up to publish: 
Turning your knowledge and stories into a book: 

• Establishes you as an authentic thought leader in your market so you can own prestigious and lucrative space in your niche

• Completes your book in less than 24 hours of your time so you can continue focusing on your current responsibilities and business ventures

• Attracts your ideal clients/readers so you can boost your ROI or achieve a specific goal (i.e. speak more nationally, build your online presence, start recurring revenue streams). 

That, in a nutshell, is what we’re helping entrepreneurs like you do.   

Want to find out more about how we use our Book Funnel Method to do this? 

Schedule a strategy session with me below and take the first step in making your book a reality. We’re a full service hybrid ghostwriting and publishing company that handles your book from start to finish. Our goal is to make sure you don’t have to worry about your busy life getting in the way of making it everything you want it to be. 

I'd be honored to show you how easy and possible writing your book really is—along with getting the results you desire.

Meet Lead Book Director, 
Caleb Breakey

CEO of SpeakItToBook.com and SermonToBook.com

• Author of Called to Stay (Amazon #1 bestseller in Church Growth and ECPA Christian Book Award finalist) and Dating Like Airplanes (#10 bestseller in Relationships)

Winner of the prestigious Genesis Contest founded by American Christian Fiction Writers

Graduate of the Christian Writers Guild’s highest level

Student of Christian writing giants Jerry B. Jenkins (Left Behind) and Ted Dekker (Circle Series)

Teacher at all of the major Christian writing conferences across the nation

Award-winning journalist and interviewer of numerous star athletes and musicians, including Derek Jeter, Roger Clemons, David Ortiz, Alex Rodriguez, Emerson Drive, and Casting Crowns.
About Speak It To Book
SpeakItToBook.com is determined to change the publishing and ghostwriting industry in a powerful and personal way. How? By creating a book that is fully yours without asking you to sacrifice your work, passion, or gifts.

About Author: Caleb Breakey

Caleb is one of the nation's leading book directors. He is determined to change the publishing and  
ghostwriting industry in a powerful and personal way. How? By creating a book that is fully yours without asking you to sacrifice your work, passion, or gifts. Caleb's accolades include Lead Book Director of SpeakItToBook.com and SermonToBook.com, ECPA Christian Book Award finalist, winner of the prestigious Genesis Contest, graduate of the Christian Writers Guild's highest level, award-wining journalist and interviewer, and teacher at all of the major Christian writing conferences across the nation. Caleb loves making it possible for busy people to share their knowledge and stories with the world. His goal is to double the income of 1,000 entrepreneurs by January 1st, 2025. 
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How To Connect With Caleb
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